What is the Full Form of LED

What is the Full Form of LED

What is the Full Form of LED

Full Form of LED

The full form of LED is a “Light Emitting Diode”. The LED is a PN-junction diode that produces light as it passes via an electric current in the forward path. Regrouping the charge carrier occurs in the LED. The N-side electron and the P-side hole are mixed and provide the energy in the form of “light” and “heat”. The LED is produced from the colorless semiconductor substance, and the light is radiated via the diode junction. Depending on the semiconductor material used and the doping quantity, a colored light will be emitted at a specified spectral wavelength when LEDs are biased forward.

Working Principle of LED

In the above section, we have seen the full form of LED. Here we are going to see the working principle of a LED bulb. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are semiconductor light producers that combine a type P semiconductor with a higher concentration of a hole and a type N semiconductor with a higher concentration of electrons. Applying a proper forward voltage at the P-N junction will cause the electrons and holes to recombine and release energy in the form of light. Know more here.

What is the symbol of a LED?

The symbol of the LED is similar to the symbol of the p-n junction diode. The distinction between those two symbols is that the two arrows indicate the diode emitting the light.

Types of LED

Till now in this article, we have covered the full form of LED, the Working principle of the LED, and the LED symbol. Now we will know about the types of LED bulbs. The different types of LED designed using semiconductors are listed below.
  1. Miniature LEDs
  2. High-Power LEDs
  3. Alphanumeric LED
  4. Lighting LED
  5. Red Green Blue LEDs
  6. Flash LED

Applications of LED

There are many uses for the LED bulb in daily life. LEDs are used in various fields, including warning systems, security systems, robotics, remote-controlled operations, and optical communications. Due to its long-lasting capacity, low power demands, quick response time, and rapid switching capabilities, it finds use in many of these areas such as
  • Used in various displays
  • Used in the dimming of light
  • Used in TV backlight.
  • Used in the automotive industry

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