Top 5 Books for Communication Skills

Top 5 Books for Communication Skills kitabdukan

Top 5 Books for Communication Skills

You all will agree that communication is one of the important skill. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. In this article, we are going to demontrate and describe about the top 5 books for communication skills. There are plenty of books written by top authors on how to improve communication skills. We have picked top 5 books for communication skills which have key features and top tips for an effective communication.

Top 5 Books for Commucation Skills List

  1. How to win friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  2. The art of Public Speaking – J. BERG ESENWEIN
  3. How to become a people magnet – MARC REKLAU
  4. How to talk to Anyone – LEIL LOWNDES
  5. Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss

How to Win Friends and Influence People

It is written by Dale Carnegie. How to Win Friends and Influence People is a 1936 self-help book written by Dale Carnegie. It is one of the most solved novels. Over 30 million copies have been sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling books of all time. We avail this novel at our website. You can check our novel section here.
Originally published in November 1936, the book reached the New York Times best-seller list by the end of the year and did not fall off for the next two years.β€Š Simon & Schuster continued to advertise the book relying heavily on testimonials as well as the testable approach the book offered.
The 1981 edition of How to Win Friends and Influence People is broken into the following parts: “Twelve Things This Book Will Do For You”, “Fundamental Techniques in Handling People”, “Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking”, and “Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment”. The 1936 edition also contained “Letters That Produced Miraculous Results” and “Seven Rules for Making Your Home Life Happier”.
Before How to Win Friends and Influence People was released, the genre of self-help books had an ample heritage. Authors such as Orison Swett Marden and Samuel Smiles had enormous success with their self-help books in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. How to Win Friends and Influence People was number eight on the list of “Top Check-Outs OF ALL TIME” by the New York Public Library.
How to Win Friends and Influence People became one of the most successful books in American history. It went through 17 print editions in its first year of publishing and sold 250,000 copies in the first three months. The book has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and annually sells more than 250,000 copies. A 2013 Library of Congress survey ranked Carnegie’s volume as the seventh most influential book in American history.
How to Win Friends and Influence People was written for a popular audience and Carnegie successfully captured the attention of his target. The book experienced mass consumption and appeared in many popular periodicals, including garnering 10 pages in the January 1937 edition of Reader’s Digest.
Carnegie described his book as an “action book” but it is today categorized as one of the first in the self-help genre. Almost every self-help book since has borrowed some type of style or form from Carnegie’s “path-breaking best seller.”

About Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie - Kitabdukan
Carnegie had been conducting business education courses in New York since 1912. In 1934, Leon Shimkin, of the publishing firm Simon & Schuster, took one of Carnegie’s 14-week courses on human relations and public speaking and later persuaded Carnegie to let a stenographer take notes from the course to be revised for publication. Dale Carnegie began his career teaching night classes at a YMCA in New York, later expanding to YMCAs in Philadelphia and Baltimore. He then taught independently at hotels in London, Paris, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, writing small booklets to go along with his courses. After one of his 14-week courses, he was approached by publisher Leon Shimkin of the publishing house, Simon & Schuster. Shimkin urged Carnegie to write a book, but he was not initially convinced.

The Art of Public Speaking Summary

This book provides a variety of useful tips from how to overcome stage fright to how to assemble an audience with which to help build up your sincerity and belief. After reading the book, you’ll also learn how putting together an audience is similar to building a campfire, why you can’t nail a tree branch to another tree’s trunk, and what public speakers and basketball players have in common.

Being skilled at public speaking is a matter of practice, and anyone can beat stage fright.

Give yourself over to the content of your speech, and concerns about yourself being up on stage should disappear. Also, it’s important to have something to say. The reason some speakers fail is that they come onstage unprepared. If you haven’t prepared any material or practiced at all, you’re likely to feel unsure and nervous at the moment.

Use emphasis to overcome the monotony

The first key (pun intended) to giving a dynamic speech is to use emphasis. A basic way to interject emphasis into your speech is to stress important words. For example, look at the following sentences: “Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.” What would be the best way to emphasize this sentence to your audience?
Arousing emotion in your listeners is the crux of public speaking
Anyone who wants to master public speaking should consider this. Arousing passion in your listeners, if only momentarily, can do more work to win them over rather than hours of logical, rational argument.

You can learn gestures, but they must come from a genuine feeling

If only horticultural hurdles were so easy! You don’t need to be an expert to know that a plant’s outward appearance reflects its inward circumstance. It takes a lot more understanding to apply this concept to the art of gesture.

A strong speaking voice requires good health

The book author knew one orator who practiced his speeches when he went running, which forced him to take deep breaths and overall improved the power of his lungs. A strong voice has an automatic magnet which binds the audience together and helps speaker to create an aroma around which are highly appreciable.

Arrange an audience properly to intensify the effect of your speech

If you want a healthy fire, you need a nice pile so the flame will move from one stick to the other. So, let’s say the speaker is a match and the influence of the speech is the flame. To ignite the hearts and minds of her listeners, then you have to arrange the audience in a way to do so. This means sitting the audience closer together so your speech’s influence can move from one to the next. When an audience feels dense, it becomes more of a crowd, and a crowd is essentially a peaceful mob.

Reinforce the strength of your argument by testing it

To be an effective speaker, you have to be capable of building an argument as well as tearing one down. Sooner or later, all speech-givers find their views challenged. The author details here how to build and demolish arguments effectively. He uses a list of questions instead of providing a bunch of dos and don’ts.

Use imagination to your advantage

This could work if your crowd is full of fact-loving data analysts. But honestly, this approach would put most people to sleep. It’s better if you ignite their imaginations through figurative language, a story. Perhaps you tell a tale of a drunkard coming home from a weekend binge, yelling and hitting his children. This will grab your audience’s attention but also stick uncomfortably in their minds more than numbers and generalizations. Imagination provides you an extra ordinary power to recreate the scenario of person.

How to become a people magnet

This is 62 ways of saying “Be Nice”. In this book, the author has demonstrated 62 life-changing tips which will improve your ability to interact with people. Reading this book will enhance your communication skills. Many peoples hesitate before meeting any person or feel shy while facing the stage or a large audience. We have kept this book among the top 5 books for communication skills because this book has various points related to enhance the communication skills, interpersonal skills, and methods to interact with peoples.


marc reklau kitabdukan


Marc Reklau is the author of 13 books including the international Bestsellers “30 Days – Change your habits, change your life”, “Love yourself First”, and “How to Become a People Magnet”. His books have achieved more than 1 million readers and have been translated into more than 15 languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean. He wrote the book in 2014 after being fired from his job and went from jobless to Bestseller.
Marc’s mission is to empower people to create the life they want and to give them the resources and tools to make it happen. He writes about habits, productivity, and happiness. His message is simple: Many people want to change things in their lives, but few are willing to do a simple set of exercises constantly over some time. You can plan and create success and happiness in your life by installing habits that support you on the way to your goals.
You can connect with him on Instagram and Facebook. Linkedin or on his website.

How to talk to anyone

  • Using Your Smile and Your Eyes for First Impressions.
  • How to Excel at Small Talk.
  • How to Start a Conversation.
  • Conversations on Jobs.
  • How to Make Others Feel Special.
  • Challenging Conversation Topics.
  • How to Talk to a Celebrity.
  • How to Sound Like You Understand Their Passions.
  • How to Turn Individuals into a Collective.
  • How to Make Them Feel Like You Are Similar.
  • How to Bring Good Vibes.
  • Use Verbal Strokes and Compliments.
  • How to Sound Great on the Phone.
  • How to Get What You Want on the Phone.
  • How to Create a Powerful Voicemail.
  • How to Perform Well at a Party.
  • Favors and Bloopers.


Leil Lowndes is an internationally recognized communications expert. She has conducted communication seminars for major US corporations, foreign governments, and the US Peace Corps. Lowndes has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs. She has authored ten bestselling books on communication skills. These books have been published in over 26 foreign languages.

Never Split the difference

Chris Voss describes negotiation as a process of trying to convince others of your approach to a topic. So, negotiation is a type of communication that requires a specific outcome. Negotiation is built on the assumption that humans want to be accepted and understood. Chris Voss provides an example from his own life of why obtaining as much information as possible is essential. Communication skills is one of the top demanding skills which are helpful to get a highly paid jobs in India or abroad.
Chris was involved in the negotiation process after a robbery in a Manhattan bank in 1993. Three innocent hostages were taken. While negotiating, one of the robbers told the FBI that four people were holding the hostages. In reality, it was just him holding them hostage. Upon rewatching the robbery, Chris noticed the other robbers were only after the ATM and bailed when he took the hostages.
Chris Voss also provides a two-step approach to building trust through tactical empathy and labeling. Tactical empathy requires you to listen to and understand the feelings of the other party. You have to simultaneously understand their emotions and listen to their points of view.
Chris provides a list of calibrated questions he uses in almost every negotiation. The questions are:
  • What about this is important to you?
  • How can I help make this better for us?
  • How would you like me to proceed?
  • What is it that brought us into this situation?
  • How can we solve this problem?
  • What are we trying to accomplish here?
  • How am I supposed to do that?

About Chris Voss

Chris Voss is an American businessman, author, and academic. He started his career as a policeman in the rough streets of Kansas City. After this, he joined the FBI, where he became their leading kidnapping negotiator. This role brought him face-to-face with bank robbers, gang leaders, and terrorists. He is now the CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd, which offers negotiation training for businesses and individuals. Chris is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and a lecturer at the Marshall School of Business at the University of South Carolina. Communication helps you to enhance the talking skills and people interaction.

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