Full Form of DC – Direct Current – Data Compression

What is the full form of DC

What is the Full Form of DC

Full Form of DC

The full form of DC is “Direct Current”. the full form of DC in Hindi is ‘डायरेक्ट करंट’. As the name suggests, Direct Current is a one-directional flow of electric current, i.e. the electric current flows in a uniform direction. Direct current may flow through a wire, insulator, semiconductor, or vacuum. The main application of DC is the electricity supply and charging electrical appliances. Know more here.

Direct Current and its Application

Earlier we have seen the full form of DC. Now we will cover the major application of Direct current. When the electrons flow from an area of negative charge to an area of a positive charge through a metal wire or a conductor of electricity, then it is known as Direct Current. It has several benefits:
  • DC can be used to transmit electricity to great distances with a lesser amount of electricity loss.
  • Increased efficiency in transmitting electricity, also reduces the cost of the transmission.
  • It can be applied for domestic and professional uses like telecommunication, automotive systems, etc.
  • DC (dc stands for Direct Current) is more compatible with most equipment.
  • If you are using voltage below 48Volts, then you run lesser risks of getting shocks.

Other Full Form of DC

The full form of DC also has different meanings in various sectors. Here we are going to cover some other full forms of DC which are also asked frequently.
  • Full Form of DC in Police – District Commissioner
  • Full Form of DC in IAS – Deputy Commissioner
  • Full Form of DC in Computer – Data Compression
  • Full Form of DC in database management – Date of Creation
  • Full From of DC in Food – Diet Coke

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