Full Form of ETC – Et Cetera

What is the full form of ETC

What is the Full Form of ETC

Full Form of ETC

The full form of ETC is “Et cetera”. ETC is a Latin term that is used in the places where we want to say “and other similar things” or “and so on”. The term et cetera is generally written in short form etc. This Latin word is adopted in the English language too and used to indicate the continuance of a series with similar items/ objects. For example: If you are a stationary shopkeeper, you can say that you sell pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc. for similar stationary items. It allows you to avoid giving a complete list of similar objects as it won’t be easy for the shopkeeper to include each item or all similar items in a sentence or a list. In lists where you use? etc.? You need to make sure that all the listed items are similar or belong to one another.

Other Full Forms of ETC

The full form of ETC is described above. There are many similar full form of ETC which are currently being used in daily life. Below are some of the most used full form of ETC.
  • ETC: Electronic Toll Collection
  • ETC: Earth Terrain Camera
  • ETC: Estimated Time of Completion
  • ETC: Evil Type Correction
  • ETC: Experiment Test Cycle

Uses of ETC

ETC is used in many sentences to continue the series of similar items.
  1. To denote similar types of objects
  2. To demonstrate the exactly liked items.
  3. To collaborate on items that lie in a similar group.
In this case of use at the end of a list without a conjunction, a comma is typically written in front of the phrase (but see: Serial comma). If etc. is used at the end of a sentence, the dot is not doubled. If it occurs at the end of exclamations, questions, or a clause, the dot is not suppressed but followed by whatever punctuation marks are required to end or continue the sentence. Know more here.

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