What is the full form of CD, 100 best Books for Competitive exams books online

what is the full form of CD

What is the full form of CD

what is the full form of CD
what is the full form of CD

Full Form of CD

The full form of CD is the compact disc. It is a flat, tiny-rounded storage unit that can store information data of up to 700 MB and 4.75 inches in diameter size. It is compact, so it is possible to carry wherever you want to. Its consistency does not degrade with time & long duration. We could operate it as many times as we want to operate time. CDs can store digital formats of any information, such as video, audio, text, photographs, and so on different types of data. The data is stored on the disc in the form of tiny notches, and when the disc is performed, the information is interpreted from an optical drive by a laser. Full form of CD is detailed here. Also you can check for any book you want to buy online here

History of CD Overview

It was first created by two firms, Sony & Philips, respectively. Initially, the CD was created only for initially, and the CD was made only for recording sound & storing the audio part. A CD was later allowed to store collections of other information on its disc as technological advancement came into existence. The compact disc was then named CD-ROM(Compact Disk-Read Only Memory). The information stored only has the read operation but not the writing data. The very first CD audio player was made available to the public in Japan by Sony Company. Full form of the CD is detailed up.

Types of CD (compact discs)

  • The Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) is a common and standard optical disc used during computer data processing for various operations.
  • Recordable Compact Disc (CD-R) has to write process options. It is made of quality dye that, as light strikes, reflects various colors for data writing. The CD-R has a life span of 20 to 100 years.
  • The Rewritable Compact Disc (RW-CD) is a disc where material can be removed and rewritten over and over again.
  • The Video Compact Disc (VCD) helps you to see a moving picture on the screen easily.

Characteristics of CD

  • A regular Compact Disc has a diameter of around 120 millimeters (mm) and a width of 1.2 millimeters (mm).
  • It consists entirely of plastic and has a shiny, light appearance.
  • It just weighs up to 15 or 20 grams.
  • A CD’s storage space is up to 700 MiB which ensures that a Compact Disc can operate for up to 80 minutes of sound quality.

Benefits of CD

  • In terms of size, it is tiny and easily carried.
  • It is a portable device.
  • Access to Data Faster for any operations.
  • It is inexpensive to manufacture.

Limitation of CD

  • It has a smaller storage capacity and can’t be used for the heavy process.
  • It can create scratches when it is used quite frequently and decreases the data quality. Full form of CD is detailed earlier.
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