Full Form of RIP – Rest In Peace

What is the Full Form of RIP

Full Form of RIP

The full form of RIP is “Rest in Peace”. RIP stands for Rest in Peace. It is a phrase commonly written on the graves of Catholics to wish them eternal rest in peace when they died. It is called Rest in Peace because we know that when people die it’s like their resting. A similar phrase is found in the book of Isaiah. RIP word has several meanings in the different sectors. This phrase became very common to use on the tombs of Christians in the 18th century. This expression has appeared on headstones as RIP or R.I.P. It is also used as a pray for a soul to find eternal peace after death.

Another full form of RIP

There are many other full form of RIP and we are going to see a few popular full form of RIP.

RIP: Routing Information Protocol

The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is one of the oldest distance-vector routing protocols. It uses a hop count as a routing metric to measure the AD (Administrative Value). In hop count, the number of nodes is counted between source and destination. The maximum number of hops allowed for RIP is 15.
As its transport protocol RIP uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP). RIP is assigned a reserved port number 520. RIP is a widely used protocol for managing router information within a local area network (LAN) or group of LANs. After the full form of RIP below, we have mentioned the different types of RIP. Many abbreviations are being used in many terminologies. You can know more about other terminology used for RIP at Wikipedia.
There are three versions of the Pouting Information Protocol.
  1. RIP version 1
  2. RIP version 2
  3. Ripping (RIP next generation)
  • Full Form of RIP in Medical: Radio Immune Precipitation;
  • Full Form of RIP: Respiratoryinductancepethysmography.
  • Full Form of RIP in Hindi: Rest In Peace
  • Full Form of RIP in Death: Rest in Peace

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