Full Form of NSSO – National Sample Survey Office

What is the full form of NSSO

What is the Full Form of NSSO

Full Form of NSSO

The full form of NSSO is “National Sample Survey Office”. The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) merged with the Central Statistical Office (CSO) to form the National Statistical Office (NSO). On 23rd May 2019, the Government of India approved the merger of NSSO and CSO.Β  This organization was previously known as the National Sample Survey Organization.
The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), formerly called the National Sample Survey Organization was the largest organization in India to conduct periodic socio-economic surveys in India. This topic comes under the subject of the Indian Economy in the IAS Exam. The aspirants can expect questions from this topic for UPSC prelims, mains, or even Economics optional. Know more information about full form of NSSO at Wiki.

The merger of NSSO with CSO to form NSO

In the previous section, we have seen the full form of NSSO. Here we are going to see the merger of NSSO and CSO which has now become NSO. The National Sample Survey Office used work under the Ministry of Statistics of the Indian government until May 2019. After that on 23rd May 2019, the Indian government passed the order to merge the NSSO with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) to form the National Statistical Office (NSO). The Government stated that the NSO will be headed by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI).

Background of Central Statistics Office (CSO)

In the previous section, we have seen the full form of NSSO and how the two statistical organizations merged. Here we are covering the background of CSO. Earlier known as the Central Statistics Organisation of India, CSO is responsible for the coordination of statistical activities in India, and for evolving and maintaining statistical standards.
  1. The CSO is headed by the Director-General who is assisted by 5 additional Director-Generals and four Deputy Director-Generals, 6 Joint Directors, 7 special task officers, 30 deputy directors, 48 assistant directors, and other supporting staff.
  2. It has a well-equipped Graphical Unit. The CSO is located in Delhi.
  3. Its activities include:
    1. National Account Statistics (NAS)
    2. Conduct of Annual Survey of Industries (ASI), Economic Censuses and its follow-up surveys,
    3. Human Development Statistics
    4. Gender Statistics
    5. Imparting training in Official Statistics
    6. Index of Industrial Production Compilation, as well as Consumer Price Indices for Urban Non-Manual Employees. (Read about the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) from the linked article.)

National Statistical Office (NSO)

After the full form of NSSO and the CSO. We will discuss the brief about NSO. When the government passed the order for the merger of NSSO and CSO, it didn’t mention any role of the National Statistical Office (NSO). In February 2021, the official website of NSO is inactive. Any updates related to NSO will be provided here.

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