Full Form of VDU – Visual Display Unit

What is the Full Form of VDU

What is the Full Form of VDU

Full Form of VDU

The full form of VDU is “Video Display Unit”. A video display unit (VDU) consists of A computer output device that uses a cathode ray tube or other technology to present visual images. One or more input devices, such as a keyboard, a mouse, or both. Know about the full form of VDU at Wikipedia.

About VDU

The term VDU is often used interchangeably with “monitor” but it can also refer to another type of screen, such as a digital projector. The Visual Display Unit (VDU) is a device with a screen that displays characters or graphics generated by a computer or other electronic device. VDUs can be peripheral devices or can be integrated with other components of the system. For example, the Apple iMac uses a multifunctional design, in which the screen and the computer are incorporated into a single unit. A VDU consists of a display device and keyboard and can also include a mouse. In the USA, it is sometimes called a video display terminal (VDT). It is most commonly used to describe the CRT monitor, a now archaic standard that has been replaced by panel displays. A flat-screen monitor and a projector are examples of VDU.

VDU Technicalities

The full form of VDI is discussed here. The VDU consists of several areas. An area is a specific group of pixels that are displayed on a computer monitor. The VDU consists of three areas, i.e., the cursor area where the mouse pointer is filmed, the text area where text is displayed, and the graphics area which is for images, charts, etc. These areas are superimposed on top of each other. The VDU is the display unit which is an awesome product. The VDU is generally controlled by drivers, which have to be installed into your computer’s operating system and in some cases, the drivers have to be installed separately from a CD or diskette that came along with your computer’s VDU. Also we focused on the full form of VDU here. The full form of VDU is computer is Visual Display Unit.

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