Full Form of RSCIT – Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology

What is the full form of RSCIT

What is the Full Form of RSCIT

Full Form of RSCIT

The full form of RSCIT is “Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology”. The 20’s era is known as the revolution in the field of computers and the digital world. There are huge numbers of students who generally prefers computer course either offline or online. So the existence of the RSCIT exam highly empowers the RSCIT course. In this article, we are going to see some most important information like the full form of RSCIT and eligibility for the RSCIT exams.

What is RSCIT exam?

RSCIT is an exam for a basic computer course that will empower the candidate to get basic computer knowledge. Every year lakhs of students appear for this basic computer course test to get the computer literacy certificate approved by the Rajasthan State government. RSCIT is a basic computer course certified by the Government of Rajasthan. RSCIT course was launched on April 25, 2008, to increase the IT education level.
The RSCIT Exam Date is notified through the official website link myrkcl.com. If the exam is canceled, postponed, or delayed then you should check the mentioned site to know the latest updates about the exam schedule. RSCIT Exam is usually conducted 3-4 times a year. The exam has 35 Questions for 70 Marks. Vardhman Mahaveer Open University, Kota conducts this test every year on the behalf of RKCL.

What is RKCL?

The full form of RKCL is “Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited”. Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL) organizes the Rajasthan State Course in Information technology (RS-CIT) diploma exam. The diploma offered by this corporation is offered in various government vacancies/opportunities. A list of exam centers & complete schedules can be checked at the official portal.

What is the official website of RSCIT exam?

The full form of RSCIT has been explained above. We know the conducting body for the RSCIT exam. Official website rkcl.vmou.ac.in should be visited for any other information related to this computer diploma examination.

Basic Information about RSCIT

In this article, we have seen the full form of RSCIT, the eligibility for the RSCIT exam, and the conducting body of the RSCIT exam. Here we are going to see some of the core information about RSCIT.
  • State: Rajasthan
  • Exam Name: RSCIT
  • Type: Basic Computer Course
  • Total Questions: 35
  • Total Marks: 70
  • RSCIT Passing Marks: 28
  • Official Website: link
  • Course Objective: Computer Literacy improvement in the state

Information about RSCIT Incentives

The incentive amount is given to the government employees only when they qualify for the exam and get the certificate, after which the center uploads it to its record portal and all its details are sent to RKCL Office, Jaipur. From there, the incentive money is directly transferred to the employee’s bank account. Know about the full form of RSCIT and RKCL here.

What is the amount of promotion money received by government employees?

As we have discussed RSCIT exams like the full form of RSCIT, information about the RSCIT exam, and incentive amount offered by RSCIT.
  1. β‚Ή3300 on passing it on the first attempt.
  2. On passing with the second attempt, β‚Ή3000
  3. β‚Ή2700 on passing in the third attempt.
  4. The University does not give the fourth attempt.

Top FAQs related to RSCIT

How many times the student can appear for the exams after getting failed?

Candidates have a maximum of 3 chances to participate in the RSCIT exam.

How much fee need to be paid for RSCIT Computer Course?

The RSCIT exam fee is set to be β‚Ή350. More information on this topic can be obtained from the myrkcl.com website. However, this course is free for girls candidates.

What are the RSCIT course Pass Marks?

You have to get at least 40% marks to pass this examination. To achieve this level, at least 14 questions need to be correct. Candidates need to get at least 28 Marks out of 70 total to pass the RSCIT computer course.

What’s the full form of RSCIT?

The full form of RSCIT is Rajasthan State Certificate in Information Technology.

Is RSCIT compulsory for Government jobs?

RSCIT is compulsory for getting Government Jobs. That means you cannot apply to Government exams if you do not hold RSCIT.

Who conducts RSCIT exam?

Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University Rajasthan

What is included in the RSCIT course?

  • Active Learning Student-centric learning model.
  • Simulation-Based Learning Lab Work (ILT) using LMS.
  • Collaborative learning and Periodic assessments.
  • Encouraging students to utilize acquired skills in useful projects.
  • Practical office work.
  • Productive skill development.

What is the duration of the RSCIT course?

The RSCIT course duration is 3 months. Students get the study material by VMOU to prepare for the exams.

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