Full Form of ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

What is the full form of ASCII

What is the Full Form of ASCII

Full Form of ASCII

The full form of ASCII is the “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”. Characters in ASCII encoding include upper- and lowercase letters A through Z, numerals 0 through 9, and basic punctuation symbols available in the computer system. It also uses some non-printing control characters that were originally intended for use with teletype printing terminals.

What is ASCII?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the most common character encoding format for text data on computers and the internet/web. In standard ASCII-encoded data, there are unique values for 128 alphabetic, numeric or special additional characters and control codes which are useful to recognize the data on the internet or the computer system.
ASCII characters may be represented in the following ways:
We have discussed the full form of ASCII and the definition of ASCII. Here we are going to describe to you the representation techniques of an ASCII number.
  1. As pairs of hexadecimal digits — base-16 numbers, represented as 0 through 9 and A through F for the decimal values of 10-15;
  2. As three-digit octal (base 8) numbers;
  3. As decimal numbers from 0 to 127; or
  4. As 7-bit or 8-bit binary
For example, the ASCII encoding for the lowercase letter “m” is represented in the following ways:
Character –’ M’
Hexadecimal – 0x6D
Octal – /155
Decimal – 109
Binary (7 bit) – 110 1101
Binary (8 bit) – 0110 1101

Why is ASCII important?

ASCII was the first major character encoding standard for data processing in the system. Most modern computer systems use Unicode, also known as the Unicode Worldwide Character Standard. It’s a character encoding standard that includes ASCII encodings.
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) adopted ASCII as a standard for internet data when it published “ASCII format for Network Interchange” as RFC 20 in 1969. That request for comments (RFC) document standardized the use of ASCII for internet data and was accepted as a full standard in 2015. ASCII encoding is technically obsolete, having been replaced by Unicode. Yet, ASCII characters use the same encoding as the first 128 characters of the Unicode Transformation Format 8, so ASCII text is compatible with UTF-8. Know more about the full form of ASCII at Wiki.

Advantages of ASCII

We are providing the advantage of ASCII here.
  1. Universally accepted
  2. Compact character encoding
  3. Efficient for programming

Disadvantages of ASCII

We are describing the limitation of ASCII here. We have demonstrated the advantage and full form of ASCII above.
  1. Limited character set
  2. Inefficient character encoding

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