5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon Academy

5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon

5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon Academy

Dr. Vandana Jadon is an Educational Psychologist and Motivational Speaker. She is a leading teacher in Jaipur Rajasthan. She has more than 23 years of teaching experience for different government examinations either state-level exams or central India vacancies. Doctor Vandana Jadon ki class is very popular not only in Jaipur Rajasthan but also all over India. She is an expert in all subjects, especially in doctor Vandana Jadon psychology. Dr. Vandana Jadon is also teaching by using one of the online applications known as VJ Education. Prabhat Publication Books are popular here for REET and RPSC Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Dr Vandana Jadon App

She has been teaching students from all over India by using YouTube earlier. Later Dr Vandana Jadon launched her application for online teaching with the name of VJ Education. The application is very much popular not only in Jaipur but also in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were lots of students are preparing for the CTET and REET. Prabhat Publication Books are very useful under Dr. Vandana Jadon books.

Dr Vandana Jadon Biography

Dr Vandana Jadon is from Jaipur (Rajasthan). Dr Vandana Jadon books are very popular among Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh students aspiring to become a teacher and officer grade rank in RPSC. Her educational methodology differs from other faculty that impresses a lot of students preparing for Govt. Jobs. Dr Vandana Jadon contact number is 9587305306. Prabhat Publication books

Dr Vandana Jadon book

The books of Vandana Jadon are very popular among the CTET and REET aspirants from Rajasthan and all over India. Dr Vandana Jadon Books pdf samples are also available on our website kitabdukan.com. Here we will you know about 5 best books of Dr Vandana Jadon.

Dr Vandana Jadon YouTube channel

There is a YouTube channel of her by the name of VJ Education. Dr Vandana Jadon classes are taught by her online by live classes for free. Here you can find the link to the YouTube Channel.
Books of Vandana Jadon
There are lots of popular books about her for the REET and CTET.Β  One of the books is Dr Vandana Jadon books for Siksha Manovigyan, JPP Jaipur, and Books for RPSC Grade 2 which is very popular in the CTET preparation.Β  Dr Vandana Jadon books for Bal Vikash and Siksha Shastra, JPP Jaipur, and Books for REET Level 1 and 2 are also for the REET level 1 and 2 preparation. You can Click Here to buy 5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon.
VJ Education Vandana Jadon
Dr Vandana Jadon gives live lectures on YouTube channel whose link is given above. She has her own application named VJ Education where she teaches live classes to batch of students. There are certain amount of fees charged for joining the live lectures for REET and RPSC. She has written the best Psychology books for REET which is very popular. In next section we are going to cover the 5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon which is best book for REET 2023 and Best books for RPSC.

About VJ Education

VJ Education is one of the best learning platform to prepare for government exams and many competitive exams online. Vj education has the bunch of best teachers in Jaipur along with the well-structured crash course, mock test and many test series for REET and RPSC grade 1. VJ Education have established and nurtured highly engaging exam-specific communities of students and mentors for REET, CTECT UPTET, MPTET, HTET and ALL TEACHERS EXAM. The VJ Education community lets users collectively solve each other’s doubts, and interactive learning and compete with each other through test series and mock tests. It gives them access to preparation material and previous year’s papers to score better in their exams. In this article we are going to cover 5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon.

VJ Education App Features

Dr Vandana Jadon books are being taught using this application. Below we have listed some important features of VJ Education App.
  1. Online Classes for REET and RPSC
  2. Recorded classes (if you missed the live class)
  3. Downloadable class Materials (for Short Notes)
  4. Highly Equipped Science Lab
  5. Daily Spoken English Class
  6. Video and Audio Lectures
  7. Monthly online PTM
  8. Quizzes and Tests

5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon

Here we are going to list 5 Best Books of Dr Vandana Jadon which are highly recommended by students for various government exams.
  1. Prabhat Rpsc Second Grade Shiksha Manovigyan 2022 by Dr Vandana Jadon
  3. Prabhat I Grade Shiksha Manovigyan Avm Shiksha Sastra
  4. Kalam Reet Science Biology (Jeev Vigyan) Level II Pariksha Visheshank Bhag 1
  5. Prabhat Rpsc Second Grade Shiksha Manovigyan 2022 By Dr Vandana Jadon

Our Vision

KitabDukan is a startup that stands on a vision to create an ecosystem for students where they can get good quality books for several top exams of India like JEE, books for JEE, books for NEET preparation, UPSC specific books, SSC top book collection, and many more. We at KitabDukan have the vision to create a smooth platform for students and professionals together to connect them on a single platform to make the learning and teaching process very unique and smooth. We have connected several top institutes of Jaipur, Patna, Banaras, and other cities for exams like JEE, UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railways, and many more exams. We focus to provide a good quality of books and handwritten notes all over India by which the students who belong to the low economy section can also get notes and books at their place through us. KitabDukan aims to become a platform to become an all-time solution for students all over India.

What KitabDukan Offers

We at KitabDukan avail the complete notification related to the examination. We provide a space on our website where they can find the previous year’s question papers. Also, we have a collection of the quality book which they can buy from our website to prepare well. We also provide full-time customer care support to our premium users through a career counseling program.

Note:- At KitabDukan, We avail you the quality books for all India level exams and various state level exams. We try to give you the information related to latest notification followed by complete syllabus and also books for REET, CTET, and many more exams. Dr Vandana Jadon books are available here for REET and RPSC.

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