What is the Full Form of ECG | 3 Types of ECG | Need of ECG

What is the Full Form of ECG

What is the Full Form of ECG

Full form of ECG

The Full Form of ECG is Electrocardiogram. This is a test that helps to check your heart’s functioning by testing electrical activity. With every pulse of our heartbeat, an electric wave travels through our hearts. Due to this activity, the muscle of our heart squeezes and plums blood through the veins. And with the help of ECG, a doctor can know about the heart’s health condition. Only by doctors can you know if your heart is healthy or not by measuring the electrical activity. If you are facing any heart issues, then you are more likely to get recommended by the ECG acronym.

Why is ECG Done?

You can have blood clots in your body due to abnormal heart tickle. So, it is essential to detect if your heart is functioning well or not. Above we have described the full form of ECG. ECG abbreviation helps to detect any heart problems. With this test, you can know if there is any blockage, damaged tissue, or inflammation of the sec that is happening in your heart or not. Because of this, you can be prepared to cure any dangerous situation that may occur. With an ECG test, a doctor can also determine if there are any lung diseases or electrolyte imbalances in your body. ECG also helps you to check the progress of your heart operation or any progression of heart diseases. If you have a pacemaker, ECG can check the effectiveness of your heart. ECG can also detect any hidden heart disease. Know more at Wiki.

Different Types of ECG

Till here we have covered the full form of ECG and what is the importance of the ECG test. Here we will see the different types of ECG tests. There are Three Types of ECG, Which are mentioned below.
  • Resting ECG: ECG meaning or resting ECG is performed when the patient is lying still on a flat surface without doing any physical activity in the body.
  • Exercise ECG: It is performed when the patient is using a treadmill or a bike to increase stress in the heart and the body must be in the action.
  • Ambulatory ECG: The patient will only have to wear a machine on their wrist and continue with their daily life routine work. This helps doctors to monitor their heart rate for one or more days.

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