Physics Wallah Arise for JEE, Best for IITJEE Class 12

Physics Wallah Arise for JEE - Alakh pandey

Physics Wallah Arise for JEE

About Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah is one of the emerging teachers who has started his career on youtube. Physics Wallah, aka Alakh Pandey, is the most famous young YouTuber from India. He shoots and uploads videos regarding the study material. He has 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He came to fame because of his amazing teaching skills. Alakh Pandey is the founder and CEO of PW. He is known for his extraordinary teaching skills. Starting from the journey from Youtube by teaching important topics for JEE.

About Alakh Pandey

Physics Wallah Arise for JEE - Alakh Pandey
Physics Wallah Arise for JEE – Alakh Pandey


Alakh Pandey was born and brought up in Prayagraj (Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh, India. He has 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He came to fame because of his amazing teaching skills. Alakh is also a motivational speaker, he always cheers up every single student. He has a huge fan base on his other social media platforms. Alakh Pandey is known for his unique describing skills for any topics in PCM.Β  His Journey from childhood was inspiring and full of hurdles. In a recent interview, he said that “there were countless nights where he used to sleep eating Maggi only”.Β  He also got many offers due to his unique teaching technique but he never gave priority to those offers. Those sacrifices have helped him to be what he is today.
Total Book list of Physics Wallah
PW has a total of 8 books for the preparation for JEE and NEET. Below you can find the complete list of books written by Alakh Pandey.
  1. Prayash for Dropper JEE
  2. Yakeen for Dropper NEET
  3. Arise for NEET Class 12
  4. Arise for JEE Class 12
  5. Aspire for NEET Class 11
  6. Aspire for JEE Class 11
  7. Equip Class 10 by Physics Wallah
  8. Evoke Class 9 by Physics Wallah
KitabDukan will provide you with a brief introduction to all the books/notes by Physics Wallah. All the books on Physics Wallah are available at you can directly go to our shop online website and search “Physics Wallah Aspire for JEE” and we will also provide you the link here. Arise for JEE physics Wallah is most demanding these days. Alakh Pandey started his YouTube channel “Physics Wallah” on 27 January 2014 as a physics teacher on YouTube. Before that, He used to teach in coaching institutes locally. Initially, he started teaching physics, and chemistry to students in 10th, 11th, and 12th classes. Later He started teaching online courses, including IIT, JEE mains, JEE advance, NEET, and Medical on his YouTube channel. His lectures are mostly based on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books as we have discussed the ocean of knowledge. He has millions of online students who watch all the videos of Alakh Pandey. Alakh Pandey became a famous Teacher (Youtuber) because of his unique and easy study teachings and methods.

Physics Wallah Arise for JEE Description

As we have discussed above the book list/notes written by Physics Wallah. Here we will cover the brief introduction of Physics Wallah arise for JEE. This book written by PW is covering the chapters of class 12. In arise for JEE book, there is a set of 9 books in this combo. As we all know Physics, Chemistry and Maths are the main subjects that are useful for students preparing for IITJEE. In this book, there are 3 books for NCERT PCM. He has precisely written the important notes for all the subjects. The points are crisp and crystal clear which makes this book unique. He has also 3 books the solutions books for all 3 PCM for arise for JEE. Physics Wallah arise for JEE is made for both JEE mains and JEE advance. There are separate books and all have good concepts. Many queries were asking how is physics Wallah for JEE so we thought to cover a brief review.

Physics Wallah arises for JEE Review

Here we are going to review the Physics Wallah arise for JEE Class 12 book/notes written by PW. Firstly, you should be very clear about one thing this is not a book, It is just well-printed notes. Many of you will be worried after reading this! But it is fact. This note is made from the core books of NCERT and other reference books which usually students read. As you know that books are the ocean of knowledge. Physics Wallah/ Alakh Pandey has tried to pull the crystals (Moti) out of that ocean. He has covered the whole book of NCERT along with some quality reference books from class 12. We will see some important facts about Physics Wallah arise for JEE book.
  • This book is a Nichod (Brief Summary) of the NCERT class 12 books of Physics Chemistry and Biology which is 3 books in PW respectively.
  • The book cover and letter size of the books are of standard quality which makes this unique.
  • Arise for JEE book name is self-motivating as the career of the author Alakh Pandey.
  • The topic-wise details of the books are very well written and they are easy to understand.
  • The book set is made in such a way that a student who is aspiring for JEE can easily go through the book.
  • They also have set up the coaching in some locations like Patna and Kota. Where they teach the bunch of students at a place where they give a proper doubt clear session.
  • Physics Wallah arise for JEE books are in a bundle of 9 books which gives you a privilege of a bunch of MCQs which is best for self-preparation.
  • PW books come with the MCQ question banks based on the question level of the NTA (National Testing Agency) which conducts the IIT JEE MAINS and JEE Advanced exams.
  • Physics Wallah books are short and easy to understand by the students who are not studying in the PW Classes. The book/notes are written very precisely.

Availability of Physics Wallah Book

As you that Physics Wallah has become a UNICORN company and the popularity of Alakh Pandey has increased a lot. Due to this, there is always a high demand for Physics Wallah Books. You can buy Physics Wallah books from the there official website and also we provide PW books at our store. As you know that the books are all bundled and are of heavy weight so the prices vary from site to site because of the shipping charges and other factors. Click here to buy.

About Physics Wallah App

PW has an official application that has more than 2 million downloads on the google play store. The application is very popular among the students from class 9th to class 12th. Here we will provide you with the link for the PW app. There is 2 variant of the PW app one is the PW app for mobile and the other is the PW app for desktop. Click here.

Physics Wallah Youtube Channel

Youtube is the root of the journey of Alakh Pandey. He started his career teaching on youtube. He has a very unique and easy method of describing topics. These things make him different and helped to grab the crowd’s attention. Here we will also provide the link to the official youtube channel of Physics Wallah here.

Our Vision

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What KitabDukan Offers

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Note:- At KitabDukan, We avail the complete information starting from the latest exam notification, and complete syllabus, and then we provide you the complete list of important books which are needed for all competitive exams.

Top FAQs related to Physics Wallah Arise for JEE

Q. How many the total number of books are in Arise for JEE Class 12?
Ans:- There are a total of 9 books including Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There are 3 books for NCERT, 3 books for solution books, and 3 books for MCQ practice books.
Q. How is the Physics Wallah test series for JEE?
Ans:- Physics Wallah arise for JEE class 12 books has been written with in-depth knowledge about the topics and focuses on the core concepts that make them good for JEE. They have a test series as well which is also highly recommended.
Q. Is the Physics Wallah app good for JEE?
Ans:-Β  PW has an official website and its application which has more than 2 million downloads and is very popular among students.
Q. Is physics Wallah enough for JEE advanced?
Ans:-Β  Yes, Physics Wallah arises for JEE class 12 is one of the best quality books for IITJEE. The PW books are highly recommended for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced both.
Q. Is physics Wallah good for IIT JEE?
Ans:- Yes, In 2022 these books are highly sold and asked because of their quality. So we can directly say that Physics Wallah is good for IIT JEE.
Q. Is Physics Wallah notes enough for JEE?
Ans:-Β  As we have discussed the important factors which distinguish Physics Wallah books i.e. Physics Wallah notes, considering the factors we can say that Physics Wallah notes are enough for JEE.

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