Full Form of VIRUS – Vital Information Resource Under Siege

What is the full form of VIRUS

What is the Full Form of VIRUS

Full Form of VIRUS

The full form of VIRUS is “Vital Information Resource Under Siege”. A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. Keeping the computer safe is the most important thing these days. Know more about the full form of VIRUS at Wiki.

Disadvantages of Computer Viruses

The full form of VIRUS is described above. There is a long list of issues that can be caused by computer viruses. Once these are entered on your computer or phone, then the effects can be threatening. Let us have a look at some of the most common problems:
  • The computer virus can affect the power rating of the CPU and degrades performance.
  • Some of the most powerful viruses can affect the files on your computer system and corrupt them. It may also cause them to erase from computer hard drives.
  • The boot sector of your computer can be damaged.
  • The hard drive of your computer can be threatened or completely deleted.
  • These viruses can also prevent some of the programs from becoming non-responsive. Thus, directing them toward complete corruption.
  • Hacking can be easily done to hack the information from your PC so that it is transferred to the hacker’s system.
  • If the virus is injected, then unrequired messages and notifications can keep on popping up on your computer screen.

The Bugs that Threaten Your Computer

Do check out the full form of VIRUS in the above section. Do not neglect the following Vital Information Resources Under Siege (the virus full form) or malware for the safe working of your system:
  1. Boot sector viruses: The viruses that infect the floppy disks and master boot record (MBR) of hard disks are known as boot sector viruses. The boot section of a computer contains codes for starting the operating system of the computer.
  2. Multipartite viruses: These viruses pose a risk of cyber threat when they infect a computer system. These viruses attack both the boot sector and the executable files of the infected system.
  3. Polymorphic viruses: these viruses appear in our system through spam and infected websites. These are file infectors that modify existing programs and are very difficult to detect.
  4. Resident viruses: This type of virus saves itself in the memory of a computer and infects other files and programs very easily.
  5. Trojan horses: These are computer programs that pretend to be something that sneaks into your computer and delivers some sort of malware.
  6. Computer Worms: Worms are viruses that do not require a host system to activate and they are capable of spreading across networks and also to systems connected to the network without the need for any user action.
  7. Browser hijacker
  8. Spam virus
  9. Zombies
  10. Stealth viruses

What is the full form of VIRUS in Computer?

The full form of VIRUS is “Vital Information Resource Under Siege”.

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