Full Form of VIP – Very Important Person

What is the full form of VIP

What is the Full Form of VIP

Full Form of VIP

The full form of VIP is “Very Important Person”. A very important person or personage is a person who is accorded special privileges due to their high social status, influence, or relevance. The term was not common until sometime after World War 2 by RAF pilots.

What is VIP

A very important person or personage (VIP or V.I.P.) is a person who is accorded special privileges due to standard social status. The full form of VIP is discussed here. Examples include celebrities in respective fields, heads of state or heads of government, physicians, other politicians, major employers, high rollers, high-level corporate officers, bankers, economists, clergy, military personnel, wealthy individuals, or any other socially notable person who receives important treatment for any reason. Additional citations needed the special treatment usually involves separation from common people and a higher level of comfort or service. know more about full form of VIP here.

Advantage of VIP

As the full form of VIP suggests there is a special treatment that makes them more precious. The VIP treatment is given to the person who is in a high rank/position in any department. VIP is the comparable term because there is no standard parameter to measure whether the person is a VIP or not.
There are a few advantages of VIPs as listed below:
  • VIP seats are allocated in all public places with their relevance to prioritize the person.
  • VIP people are availed with some special facilities like particular seats and highly paid services.
  • VIP seats are also available in many colleges for the students of VIP persons like ministers.

Disadvantage of VIP

Everything in the world has two aspects one is fame (famous) and the other has defamed. These things come in pairs. If everything is going in your favor then you are one of the stars, but if it is odds then it affects your social life.
Here we have listed a few disadvantages of VIP
  • VIP persons can’t live social and public life like a common man.
  • The words said by them mean a lot to the common people so they have to rethink every time.
  • VIP person in general has a high standard of living, and if it is lost due to any circumstances then it affects more.

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