Full Form of SIM – Subscriber Identification Module

What is the full form of SIM

What is the Full Form of SIM

Full Form of SIM

The full form of SIM is “Subscriber Identity Module” or “Subscriber Identification Module”. SIM is a portable chip and built-in circuit that stores the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) in a strong, safe manner. It is a smart memory card that enables us to establish a phone call across the globe where the contact network of the user is not changing. SIM is generally used on smartphone-operated and controlled GSM networks. SIM is movable and can be used by a user with any mobile device that supports this.

History of SIM

In the above section, we have discussed the full form of SIM. Here we are going to discuss some historical facts about SIM. The first SIM card was made in 1991 by Devrient and Munich smart-card maker Giesecke. The SIM was initially recognized and declared by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute. Full form of SIM is given here,

The function of SIM Card

SIM card stores a lot of information and also brings essential pieces of data back and forth to the network of consumer and holds some of their private and personal information as well. The list of information stored by SIM is
  • Address details
  • Personal security keys
  • Data regarding network authorization.
  • Text messages
  • Phone number
  • Other data.

Data Carried by SIM

SIM card contains some important data related to the user/customer’s private or personal information. There are useful data which are carried by SIM as below:
  • IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • Unique serial number
  • Brief details related to the local network.
  • Security information

Size of the SIM

Here we will know about the different sizes available for the SIM card. As the size of a mobile phone varies, the card size also differs. When SIM was first produced in the beginning the size of nearly like the credit card, but the later size of the SIM was eventually disclosed giving a capacity of 15 mm by 12 mm. Some smartphones now use distinct sizes of Nano and micro-SIM chips. Know about the full form of SIM above. Know more here.

Difference between GSM SIM and CDMA SIM

There are 2 types of SIM cards. Here we will discuss the main difference between both SIM cards. CDMA phones generally don’t use SIM cards. Instead, all information is saved in the handset itself. It may be less convenient for the customers because the user can’t change the service provider for the same handset.
Nowadays sim cards and mobile both are very important assets for people. Without a sim card and mobile life becomes isolated from the digital world. This is a very small chip in which circuit company identification and service are built. With the help of all kinds of calls and texts, SMS can be sent to our loved ones or belongings. After coming to smartphones into the market. The full form of  SIM card is given above.

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