Full Form of RBC – Red Blood Cell

What is the full form of RBC

What is the Full Form of RBC

Full Form of RBC

The full form of RBC is “Red Blood Cells”. Blood has three types of cells namely platelets, white blood cells (WBC), and Red blood cells (RBC). They are also called erythrocytes and are the most commonly occurring blood cells. They constitute about 40-45% of the volume of blood. Blood contains hemoglobin which is a complex protein that has the function of carrying oxygen to various parts of the body. RBCs measure about 6 mm in diameter and they are larger than platelets but smaller than white blood cells. The full form of WBC has explained here also the size of the RBC is also detailed.
Due to their small size, they can easily squeeze inside the blood vessels of the body. RBCs have the function to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body parts. It also has the function of transporting carbon dioxide from the tissues of the body to the lungs for removal. This is due to the presence of hemoglobin which is present inside the red blood cells and is the main transport molecule that helps in carrying oxygen inside the body. It is due to this protein, the blood gets the color red. After the full form of RBC we will know more details about the RBC.

How does RBC Works?

Red Blood Corpuscle or RBC collects oxygen from the lungs and transfers it to the entire body cells, then the RBC carries carbon dioxide to the lungs as a scrap of metabolism. A Red Blood Corpuscle can live up to 120 days long; after that, it is demolished by the liver or spleen. RBC is produced automatically in the bone marrow and mixed in the bloodstream for 120 days.

What Vitamins help the Human Body to Generate RBC?

With less Red Blood Corpuscle the human body is in deep trouble. Only vitamin B12 can help the human body to produce more RBC. To absorb vitamin B12, you need to eat food rich in B12. Remember, deficiency of RBC can cause chronic anemia. Here we have demonstrated the full form of RBC and advantage of RBC.
Disease caused due to low RBC
The full form of RBC is described here. The deficiency can cause many types of disease. Here we have mentioned some popular disease that occurs in the human body due to the low count of RBC cells.
  1. Macrocytic anemia
  2. Kidney disease
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Deficiency of Erythropoietin or EPO
  5. Hemolysis

Can a low count of RBC Cause Leukemia?

A low count of Red Blood corpuscle leads to several side effects, and that might be considered a sign of cancer. You will start feeling fatigued and weak. Else, suffering from shortness of breath can also be caused by a low RBC count.
If you are facing a low count of RBC in your blood, then eat legumes, dried fruits, red meat, green vegetables, beans, spinach, egg yolks, and others. Food rich in protein can elevate the count of RBC. Know more about the full form of RBC at Wiki.

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