Full Form of RAM – Random Access Memory | 2 Types of RAM

WHAT is the full form of RAM

What is the Full Form of RAM

Full Form of RAM

The full form of RAM is “Random Access Memory”. RAM has been used to write and read into storage. RAM preserves files and program data that the CPU is processing. As data is lost/damaged when power is switched off, it is a volatile memory. RAM can be further subdivided into two categories
  • SRAM (Static RAM)
  • DRAM (Dynamic RAM)
History of RAM
Above we have described the full form of RAM, now we will see some brief information related to RAM. Below we have listed some historical facts related to RAM.
  • The Williams tube was used in 1947 to produce the first type of RAM.
  • The CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) was used and information was stored on the front of the tube in the form of electrical charge spots.
  • Magnetic-core memory has been used as a second commonly used type of RAM afterward in the same year, 1947.
  • Many patents were on the title of Frederick Viehe, who was responsible for much of the progressive work.
  • For dealing with Magnetic-core memory, small metal rings & wires connecting to every ring have been used. One bit of data has been preserved in every one of those rings and that data can be retrieved at any time.
  • However, in 1968, Robert Dennard initially discovered RAM, which is now known as solid-state memory. Transistors have been used to preserve bits of information in DRAMs.
Advantage of RAM
Till now, we have covered the full form of RAM and a brief history of RAM. Now we will know about the advantage of RAM. Below we have listed some primary advantages of RAM.
  1. RAM does not include a mechanical moving component, so no noise is raised.
  2. RAM requires far less power than a mechanical disc drive. It lowers emissions of CO2 and prolongs battery life.
  3. RAM is considered to be the fastest medium of storage.
Limitation of RAM
  1. As there is some advantage of RAM, It also has some limitation. Below we have listed a few limitations of RAM.
  2. Unless there is a power recovery system like a laptop battery, the power outage can induce irrecoverable loss of data.
  3. The price of RAM per bit is huge, so devices don’t include much of it.
RAM is a volatile memory means that data in RAM are lost when the computer is turned off due to any cause. It is the main memory of a computer or mobile phone. You can change or erase your data in RAM. Data or information currently being used on a device are stored in RAM from the hard drives because data from the RAM are loaded much faster than the hard drives. Your computer speed will increase with the increase in the capacity of your RAM. Know more here. The full form of RAM is discussed here.

Why RAM is called Random Accessed?

RAM is called ‘random access’ because data can be read and written randomly from any single byte.

Why SRAM is faster than DRAM?

Static RAM is faster than Dynamic RAM because it stores a bit of data using six transistor memory cells.

How DRAM does store the memory?

The DRAM stores the memory by using transistor and capacitor pair. The full form of RAM is “Random Access Memory”.

What does RAM stand for in a laptop?

RAM stands for Random Access memory. But there may be more than one meaning of RAM, so check out all meanings of RAM in the above post section.

What does RAM mean in the phone?

RAM means Random Access memory. You can read the most used RAM Full Form Meaning. Check out the full form of RAM in the above section.

What is the RAM Meaning in Hindi?

The RAM meaning in Hindi is “Random Access Memory”.

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