Full Form of HCL – Hindustan Computers Limited

What is the Full Form of HCL

What is the Full Form of HCL

Full Form of HCL

Β The full form of HCL is “Hindustan Computers Limited”. HCL is a multinational IT company in India. The company’s head office is located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh). HCL was established in 1976, as one of India’s original IT start-ups company. It is a founder of modern computing with many creations, including the introduction of personal computers focused on an 8-bit microprocessor in 1978. After the full form of HCL, we will know more about the HCL company.
HCL enterprise today offers services in various sectors including technology, talent management solutions, and healthcare.
The HCL companies have total 3 sub-companies attached with this which are:-
  1. HCL Infosystems
  2. HCL Innovations and
  3. HCL Healthcare.

Operations of HCL

We have covered the full form of HCL in the previous section. We are going to describe the operation of the HCL companies. In 44 countries, including Noida, India, HCL Technologies operates. It operates in Australia, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UAE, Qatar, and South Africa. It includes Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK in Europe. The company operates in the Americas with offices in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and the US. Know more about the full form of HCL at Wiki.

History of HCL Organization

In this article, we have covered the full form of HCL, the operations of the HCL Company, and the counties where the HCL operates. Here we are going to aspect some e of the historical facts related to the HCL organization.
  • In 1976 HCL Enterprise was established
  • The first three companies of the parent HCL Group are HCL Technologies (R&D division of HCL), HCL Infosystems, and HCL Healthcare.
  • The organization has tried to remain concentrated on hardware, but software and services are a primary focus via HCL Technologies.
  • The revenue of HCL in 2007 was 4.9 billion US dollars. In 2017 it amounted to US$ 6.5 billion, and HCL employed more than 105,000 professionals in 31 countries. Revenue for 2018 was US$ 9 billion, with HCL hiring more than 110,000 experts in 31 countries.
  • In July 2001 a new unit was formed called HCL Enterprise Solutions (India) Limited.
  • HCL Technologies is currently a subsidiary of Vamasundari Delhi through a chain of intermediary companies. Vamasundari (Delhi) is owned by Shiv Nadar and in turn, holds the majority of shares in most companies in the HCL group.
  • On 1 July 2019, HCL Technologies acquired a few IBM products selectively. In the areas of R&D, sales, delivery, marketing, and support, HCL Technologies took full ownership of BigFix, AppScan, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience, Notes Domino, and Unica.

Business Sectors of HCL

There are many domains with which the HCL company deals. Here we have listed some of the popular domains where HCL has expertized.
  1. ERS – Engineering and R&D Services
  2. GRC Services and Cybersecurity
  3. DRYiCE
  4. Digital and Analytics
  5. IMS – Infrastructure Management Services
  6. Applications Services and Systems Integrations
  7. Business Services/BPO

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