What is the Full form of AM and PM

what is the full form of am and pm

What is the Full form of AM and PM

Full Form of AM

The full form of AM is “Ante Meridiem”. AM and PM are both Latin letters used to represent time in the 12-hour timeline. A.M. stands for Ante Meridiem and P.M. stands for Post Meridiem. Meridiem is a Latin word that means midday (Meri means mid and Diem means day). Hence, Ante Meridiem means the time “before midday” and Post Meridiem means the time “after midday”. In the 12-hour clock system, AM and PM are used before noon and afternoon respectively. know more here.

About AM and PM

It might be interesting to know that a 12-hour clock system is not a new terminology. Even during ancient times, Egyptians and Mesopotamians used these terms in primitive forms. For instance, the Egyptian sun-dial clock for daytime use and the Egyptian water clock for night-time use were found in the tomb of a Pharaoh. The full form of AM and PM is described above. To understand this system of denoting periods, you can simply look at it as two different time zones of 12 hours each that represent day and night. 24 hours are divided into two time zones (before noon and afternoon) that last for 12 hours each for an interval.Β  The first 12-hour duration starts from midnight and lasts till noon which is called AM (12 AM to 12 PM). The 2nd 12-hour duration begins from noon and lasts till midnight denoted by PM (12 PM to 12 AM).

24 Hour Clock

In some countries like the USA and Canada, Military timing is used which works on the 24-hour clock system. This system completely rules out the possibility of using AM and PM, thereby eliminating confusion combined. Here, the entire day is divided into 24 hours. It is important you know both systems and understands how they can be interconverted. The period or interval is not changing, only the measurement of time changes. As we have known the full form of AM and PM, We also have to understand the both clock system of 12hour, and 24 hours. In the 24-hour clock, there is no concept of AM and PM. We can directly count the time starting from Midnight. The counting starts from 1 and goes till 23.

Full Form of PM

The full form of PM is Post Meridiem. PM denotes the post-mid-day period. It is another unit of the convention time that is associated with the 12-hour clock system. The system of 12-hour clocks splits the period into two equal periods, the 1st period and the 2nd period. PM or Post Meridiem reflects the second period. PM or full form Post Meridiem reflects the time from Noon till midnight.

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