Bihar Board Class 8 Complete Set Hindi Medium

Bihar Board Class 8 Complete Set Hindi Medium :-

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Welcome to Kitab Dukan! In this article we are going to cover the Bihar board class 8 complete set Hindi medium books description. Bihar Secondary Examination Board (BSEB) has a predefined set of books which has a deep understanding of concepts according to the classes.


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Product Description :-

Bihar Board Class 8 Complete Set Hindi Medium

The complete set of products have total 8 book combined. These books are used in bihar board class 8 government schools. Below are the list of all books which are used in class 8 Bihar board schools. Bihar board class 8 hindi set has total 8 books including math’s, science, English and more.


  • Class 8 : Radiance (Rediance)
  • Class 8 : Ganit (GANIT)
  • Class 8 : Science (Science)
  • Class 8 : Aatit Se vartaman (Aatit Se Vartaman)
  • Class 8 : Kislay (Kislay)
  • Class 8 : Samajit Arthik Rajnetik jiwan (Samajit Aarthik Rajnitik Jeewan)
  • Class 8 : Geography (Hamari Duniya)
  • Class 8 : AMRITA (Amrita)

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Our Vision:-

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Top FAQ’s Related to this product:-

Β Q1. How many total number of book does it contains?

Ans :-Β  This is a set pf total 8 books as the names are given at the top of the post.

Q2. Is the Binding of books good?

Ans:- Yes, The books has a proper binding and pin tighly.

Q3. How is the Quality of the page?

Ans:- The page quality is according to the books provided by the SCERT board.

Q4. How easy is to connect with the KitabDukan Team?

Ans:- KitabdDukan has a good customer care support available 24*7 using the Chat option enabled at the homepage of KitabDukan.

Q5. What is the delivery timeline for any books or item from KitabDukan?

Ans:- Most of the time it takes 7 to 10 days to deliver the product to any corners in India, but it many vary considering natural calamities or any other technical issues with our end.




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